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TPhysical fitness is the basic pre-requisite of all human accomplishments. The sayings such as “Sareeramadyam khalu Dharma sadhanam”, “A sound mind in a sound body” emphatically authentify this maxim. Despite having a great tradition of physical practices, such as Kalari, Yoga and many other fitness activities, our curriculum framers sinfully neglect those wealthy heritages. So as now, the initial component of our Panchamukhi Sikshana padhathi is Sareerik Sikshan. BVN has a unique system of physical education. 

Everyday, along with prarthana sabha, we practice a ten minute warming up programme which will help the children to enhance their physical energy level. Besides, BVN has configured physical training activities for our children with different age group. The basic objective of all our physical training programmes, is to bring up our children with physically active, vigorous and capable of withstanding every physical endeavour. In order to guide and monitor these activities, BVN has an organisationally built up physical education department comprising of expert physical fitness masters.



Our nation has a global mission of guiding and directing the world as she had done in ancient times. Our ancestors were adept enough to take up this universal mission.