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TYoga is one of the greatest gifts that our ancestors have awarded to human race. Asanas and Pranayamas are very powerful tools that unearth hidden potential and boost positive energies by removing tension and enhancing strength and balance. The practice is like a soothing balm for the body that permeates deep into physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body. There is a perfect integration, perfect healing and perfect balance.

The mind then becomes calm and alert, the brain is refreshed, the body is light and there is high level of energy to face the challenge of life. Various methods in Yoga control the ego so that the internal energies could be utilised constructively for personal growth and selfless service. Realising its immense virtue and capability in designing and regulating our young pupils life, BVN has made yoga one of the most important components of Panchamughi Padhathi. Our yoga department headed by distinguished yogacharyas guides and supervises all aspects under this discipline. A seperate yoga syllabus has been prepared and put into practice in our vidyalayas. Short term and long term yoga training programmes for teachers are being convened at regular intervals.



Yoga Mats


Our nation has a global mission of guiding and directing the world as she had done in ancient times. Our ancestors were adept enough to take up this universal mission.